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The Best Salmon Fishing the Northwest Has to Offer


With BGS NORTHWEST, the Best Guide Trip Northwest Has to Offer

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About Buoy 10

Ask any experienced fisherman where they dream of fishing in the Northwest and they will say, “Buoy 10,” a 40 square mile area of the Columbia River estuary that is famous for its annual, huge return of Salmon.  Beginning in August through September fishmen come in drove to the Astoria, Illwaco area. It’s common place for there to be hundreds of fishermen on the river at the same time on the hunt for the renowned Chinook and Coho Salmon that team in the waters in the late summer and fall.

Buoy 10 is also called the “Graveyard of the Pacific” because throughout history it has claimed hundreds of vessels of early sea-goers due to the difficult and often times dangers bar. But don’t worry, modern technology and the constant presence of the Coast Guard has remedied the dangers situations for today’s sport fishers.

You are in excellent hands with BGS Northwest, and especially your guide, Blair Johnson, who has fished these waters and guided countless trips. He will give the novice and pro alike tips and tricks to help you catch your limit.

Man Fishing
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What Our Guests Are Saying

I had been out on the water by myself fishing the banks with no luck for several outings before I went out on the boat with Blair.  It was a crisp morning in the Pacific Northwest and it was a blast! We had a lot of action after about an hour of fishing, we had doubled on and landed all 4 fish. Blair had everything dialed in, that made the experience just good ole fashion fun!

Highlights From Previous Buoy 10 Trips

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